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1.Material: ABS UL94-V1 or V0 can be chosen
2. Mount type: Wall mounted, surface mounted
3. Weight: 53g/set
4. Capacity: 2 pcs SC adapter
5. Accessories: Screw 1 bag.
6. Package: 1pcs/bag 200pcs or 400pcs/carton
Fiber table box, the use of ABS plastic were made of the bottom of the box and the box cover, box cover and the box floor to chute the socket structure;And two discs are arranged in the middle of the lower part of the bottom plate of the box body, and the periphery of the disc boss is a disc groove; a two-position optical fiber adapter is arranged at the edge of the bottom of the disc body, Bit fiber optic adapter fixing bolt;In the middle of the box above the bottom of the board with two parallel cold junc
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